Boat Cover Repairs

At Streamline Boat Covers we receive a lot of insurance and boat cover repair work.

We warrant the workmanship on our boat covers for 2 years.  In addition our material manufacturers also offer warranty against UV-resistance and delamination.

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utility covers

tonneau covers

tradesman trailer covers


Fishing boat covers can be made in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes to meet your exact needs, protecting your boat from the elements while not in use and during transport...

A bimini is an open-front and open-sided boat cover supported by a metal frame.  Streamline's biminis are custom made to suit your boat using high quality UV-resistant materials...

If you are wanting to sleep out on your boat and you and your family need protection from the elements and insects, one of our custom made camping bodies is what you need...

If your current boat cover, bimini or trailer cover is in need of repairs, contact us for a no-obligation quote.  We are a trusted supplier for insurance work...